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"I wouldn't have seen myself in this position without the opportunities I gained at ITT TECH."
- Jared Mixon, 2011

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Multimedia is the art form of the digital age. Multimedia melds electronic source material-graphics, audio, text and more into coherent communications for websites, games, video or other media. There are entire films composed on computer, and many films and commercials made today have some sort of computer manipulation involved. Multimedia is also an important part of the business world, due to applications such as web-based e-commerce. Using software, individuals who know multimedia are at work behind-the-scenes designing and creating graphical, audio and text communications for a variety of items from video games to the evening news.

What It Means to You

Multimedia is an area in constant flux as new technologies and techniques are developed and added to the palette of virtual tools. If you're detail-oriented, creative and like to see the results of your work come to life, multimedia is an IT area you might like to pursue.

The Information Technology - Multimedia program in the School of Drafting and Design at ITT Technical Institute teaches students how to perform technical tasks associated with the design and creation of interactive multimedia communication. Students are exposed to information on authoring software, motion graphics development, visual design principles and other related technical subjects through classroom theory and practical applications in a laboratory environment in courses taught in residence at the school. This program can help graduates begin careers in a variety of entry-level positions involving multimedia. These careers may include such positions as computer animator, multimedia authoring specialist, multimedia technician, computer graphics technician and interactive training materials designer.

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Meet a Graduate

Jared Mixon
Computer Drafting and Design
Associate of Science

Graduated 2011
Lake Mary, FL

Meet Jared

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Foundation Core

  • Fundamental computing courses
  • Studies in communication design
    principles and application projects

Additional Curriculum Topics

  • Authoring software
  • Motion graphics development
  • Visual design principles

Upon Completion

Capacity to perform tasks associated with the design and creation of interactive multimedia communication.

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