School of Electronics Technology
School of Electronics Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology

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"My education at ITT TECH prepared me for my career field. I get to go in and do a job that I love doing."
- Wesley Berry, 2011

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Electronics and electrical engineering are important and useful technologies. These technologies have become integral to many fields, such as communications, automotive, security, defense and consumer electronics, to name a few. Technology-focused companies and organizations hire employees who understand the digital world.

Technology continues to be a high priority in this country. "Engaging the public by using technology more effectively, promoting the conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship, and empowering consumers, are critical goals of the Administration's technology age." said Aneesh Chopra, United States Chief Technology Officer (June 15, 2010).

What It Means to You:

The Electrical Engineering Technology program in the School of Electronics Technology at ITT Technical Institute exposes students to the theory of various electronics and electrical circuitry. The program balances classroom theory with practical application in a laboratory environment. If you are a person who likes to take things apart just to see how they work, the study of electrical engineering technology may offer knowledge and skills that interest you.

This program can help graduates pursue careers in a variety of entry-level positions in fields involving electrical engineering technology, such as electronics technician, service technician, telecommunications technician and engineering technician.

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Brock Oelze
Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology
Associate of Applied Science

Graduated 2009
Lexington, KY

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