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"My experience at ITT TECH, it was great. It's not just bookwork; it's hands on, which is exactly the way I learn."
- Paul Groves, 2010

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Drafting is a type of graphic communication. Business and industry use drafting to translate ideas and concepts into working plans for something that can be produced or built. Computer drafting and design is one method to produce drawings in traditional design and drafting fields. The availability of computer-aided drafting (CAD) systems has enabled even small drafting firms to utilize computers for drafting and design.

Engineers, architects and designers provide their ideas, sketches and specifications to drafters. The drafters use that information to produce working plans that detail how to make the product.

What It Means to You

The Drafting and Design Technology program in the School of Drafting and Design at ITT Technical Institute exposes students to a variety of fundamental skills utilized in entry-level computer-aided drafting (CAD) and design positions. Students are exposed to CAD technologies and conventional drafting methods to produce various designs, working drawings, charts, forms and records. Students will be exposed to both classroom theory and laboratory projects. If you have strong drawing ability, visual aptitude and attention to detail, studying drafting and design technology may fit your skills and interests.

This program can help graduates pursue careers in a variety of entry-level positions in various fields involving drafting and design, and may include mechanical drafting and design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), architectural drafting and design, parametric modeling, civil drafting and design and structural detailing.

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Meet a Graduate

Paul Groves
Computer Drafting and Design
Associate of Applied Science

Graduated 2010
Lexington, KY

Meet Paul

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