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What Type Of Student Activities Are Sponsored?

The school encourages student activities to help develop individual initiative, group leadership and cooperation. It is a goal of the school to help provide students with the opportunity to participate in activities which relate to educational objectives, satisfy social needs, provide recreational opportunities and encourage cultural enrichment. School-related student activities must be sanctioned, approved and supervised by the school.

What If The Student Must Move Closer To ITT Tech?

If the student must relocate to attend ITT Tech, an ITT Tech representative can assist the student in finding a place to live. ITT Tech may also be able to provide you with names of other students who may be interested in a roommate.

What If The Student Needs A Job While He Or She Is In School?

Many students work part-time while attending ITT Tech. If the student needs assistance finding a part-time job while in school, he or she should contact the Career Services Department. A list of part-time job leads may also be available for the student's use. (Part-time jobs listed at ITT Tech and part-time jobs obtained with the assistance of ITT Tech are typically not related to the student's education.)

Will A Student's Credits Transfer?

Decisions concerning the acceptance of ITT Technical Institute credits by any institution other than an ITT Technical Institute are made at the sole discretion of the receiving institution. ITT Technical Institute makes no representation whatsoever concerning the transferability of any ITT Technical Institute credits to any institution other than an ITT Technical Institute. It is unlikely that any credits earned at an ITT Technical Institute will be transferable to or accepted by any institution other than an ITT Technical Institute.

Students considering continuing their education at, or transferring to, any institution other than ITT Technical Institute must not assume that credits earned at ITT Technical Institute will be accepted by the receiving institution. An institution's accreditation does not guarantee that credits earned at that institution will be accepted for transfer by the other institution. Students must contact the registrar of the receiving institution to determine what ITT Technical Institute credits, if any, that institution will accept.

What Happens After The Student Graduates?

That depends on the student. Some students continue their education by pursuing a bachelor's degree at an ITT Technical Institute.* Most graduates begin pursuing their careers in a variety of entry-level positions in various fields involving their program of study within a matter of months after graduation. Some may stay in their present jobs. Others may take a break between school and work.

* Not all ITT Technical Institutes offer degree programs or degrees. Programs of study offered vary among ITT Technical Institute campuses.

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