A Career as a Computer Technician

Potential students interested in a position as a computer technician may realize that computers and electronics play an important part in society today. With so many fields utilizing electronics and computer technologies, a computer technician can become a valuable addition to many employers.

The ITT Technical Institutes offer a program of study in Electrical Engineering Technology through the School of Electronics Technology. The purpose of this program is to help students develop skills and knowledge that they can use to pursue careers in entry-level positions involving computers and electronics. These positions may include, among others, "electrical engineering technician, electronics technician, service technician, and associate engineer."

Topics taught in this program of study include, but not limited to, certain circuits, systems and specialized technologies used in electronics and computer technology career fields. In addition to these technology-based classes, students will also have a chance to develop other necessary skills that are an important part of the professional work environment. Students will be introduced to teamwork, problem-solving, and professional development.

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Nick Collins
Information Technology - Computer Network Systems
Associate of Applied Science

Graduated 2007
Omaha, NE

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