Computer Electronics Play Vital Role

Potential students interested in computer/electronics engineering technology may be the kind of students who like to take things apart to see how they work. These students may also realize that in this global technology-driven society, computers and electronics play a vital role in many different fields and organizations. Some of these fields may include communications, aviation, computer, consumer products and defense.

The ITT Technical Institutes offer an associate degree in the Electrical Engineering Technology program of study through the School of Electronics Technology. The purpose of this program is to help students develop skills and knowledge needed to pursue entry-level careers involving computers and electronics.

Some of these entry-level positions may include, among others, electrical engineering technician, electronics technician, service technician, and associate engineer.

Understanding the world of computers and electronics may help students to become valuable additions to technology-focused employers.

The Electrical Engineering Technology program of study at ITT Tech acquaints students with certain circuits, systems, and specialized techniques used in electronics and computer technology career fields. It also combines classroom theory with practical application in a laboratory environment.

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