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Course Descriptions

MG512 Organizational Behavior | 4 credit hours

This course integrates the behavioral sciences and management theory to provide tools and techniques used to localize, diagnose and solve problems on an individual, group and organizational level. Students will identify different types of organizations and management structures and analyze the effect of internal and external factors. Techniques for managing individual, group and inter-group behavior in organizations will be taught. The impact of change and ways organizations manage change will also be taught.

MG513 Managing Business Information Systems | 4 credit hours

This course teaches the graduate student the conceptual framework for applying computer technology to the information needs of a business. The course emphasizes: organizational and technical foundations of information systems; applications of information systems at various levels of decision-making security and control, including operational, tactical and strategic decision-making.

MG514 Managerial Economics | 4 credit hours

This course offers a real world managerial perspective to the analysis of the economic environment of a business. Emphasis is placed on analysis and decision-making for: demand and cost estimation; and pricing.

MG516 Corporate Finance | 4 credit hours

The Corporate Finance course teaches fundamental principles of corporate financial management and capital markets. Topics include tools and techniques used to help improve a firm''s asset utilization, long and short-term planning to finance a firm''s growth, and analyzing and making corporate investment decisions.

MG517 Ethical and Regulatory Environment | 4 credit hours

This course is a study of ethical decision-making in a business and regulatory context. The course involves theory and practice in the identification, evaluation and achievement of ethical standards for interacting with co-workers, management of employees, and development and implementation of business strategy. The impact of an external regulatory environment on ethical decision-making is also considered.

MG518 Operations and Process Management | 4 credit hours

This course examines the traditional discipline of operations management in the current global context and includes designing operations processes, controlling product/service quality and planning for improvement.

MG521 Corporate Communications and Research | 4 credit hours

This course provides an overview of the principles of corporate communication and techniques to assess and select appropriate communication technologies. Emphasis will be on the priniciples and current practices in qualitative research within the context of applied communication skills.

MG525 Strategic Marketing and Research | 4 credit hours

This course examines the principles of strategic marketing through using advanced quantitative research techniques. As part of a strategic marketing plan, students will design a quantitative research project. The impact of business electronic data interchange and the Internet on strategic marketing is also emphasized.

MG581 Leadership in a Dynamic Information Age | 4 credit hours

This course introduces theories of leadership, discusses leadership styles, and helps the student develop basic leadership skills, as applied to business environments. A key focus is the self-evaluation of the student''s current leadership style and potential and, by interacting with peers and the instructor, to develop an individualized action plan for improving and broadening the student''s leadership capability

MG582 Team Building and Group Process | 4 credit hours

This course provides instruction on the theoretical understanding and skill development for effective team management. This course is highly experimental and interactive as students explore attitudes, behavior and strategies that can help people communicate effectively, lead change, negotiate to resolve differences, coach and mentor, and improve individual and team performance.

MG583 EntrepreneurIntrapreneur | 4 credit hours

The course builds on principles of entrepreneurship, including instruction on developing skills involving opportunity creation, business plan development, new venture financing and marketing, and understanding a regulatory environment. The application of these skills to ''internal venturing'' is also discussed.

MG584 Strategic Leadership in a Global Economy | 4 credit hours

This course examines the challenges that leaders and managers often face in conducting business in a multi-national corporation and in the competitive global environment. Students study the impact that changes in technology, economic policy and politics can have on the capacity of an organization to compete and succeed in the international arena.

MG585 Managerial Decisions | 4 credit hours

This course examines strategic decision-making through practical application and synthesis of theories from earlier courses. Emphasis is on structuring decision situations systematically and applying strategic quantitative and qualitative analysis tools to arrive at solutions. Prerequisites: Completion of all courses in the program of study

MG595 MBA Research Project | 4 credit hours

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