School of Electronics Technology
School of Electronics Technology

Industrial Automation Engineering Technology: Bachelor of Science Degree
Fort Wayne, IN Campus

Course Descriptions

AM340 Manufacturing Processes and Materials | 4 credit hours

This course offers a survey of various manufacturing processes and materials found in the industry. Areas of instruction include various manufacturing materials, machine tools and tooling used in a variety of processes in manufacturing. Emphasis is placed on terminology and function.

AM350 Technical Graphics | 4 credit hours

Areas of study include interpretations of symbols, abbreviations, and conventions found in industrial prints. The course offers the opportunity to examine the use of graphics standards and various scales used in technical drawings and to visualize and interpret plan views, sections, and details in prints generated manually and with CAD systems.

AM355 Pneumatics and Hydraulics | 4 credit hours

The principles, functions, terminology and uses of fluid power components are studied in this course. Control techniques are examined by interpreting hydraulic and pneumatic drawings and symbols. The course offers the opportunity to study actuation and fluid power transmission devices, as well as the properties of fluids, including causes and consequences of fluid contamination. Prerequisites: College algebra and trigonometry, A college level Physics course

AM360 Computer Numerical Control | 4 credit hours

This course presents a study of CNC with an emphasis on step-by-step development of CNC programs. Operational codes, parts programs for computer-controlled machine tools, and tooling requirements are discussed. Laboratory will provide the opportunity to program CNC systems to produce machined parts. Prerequisites: College algebra and trigonometry

AM410 Process Control Circuits | 4 credit hours

This course introduces the circuits used in the automatic process control of industrial systems. Areas of instruction include signal conditioning and feedback circuits using analog and digital techniques. Prerequisite: ET245 Electronic Devices II or equivalent

AM411 Advanced PLC | 4 credit hours

A detailed study of the control of batch processes and analog processes using advanced PLC functions, including PID algorithms. Prerequisites: AM410 Process Control Circuits, ET345 Control Systems or equivalent

AM412 Control Systems Analysis | 4 credit hours

This course offers the opportunity to analyze, using several different techniques, system response and stability using functional block diagram representations of electrical, mechanical, and electro-mechanical systems. Prerequisite: TM420 Technical Calculus

AM425 Automation for Manufacturing I | 4 credit hours

This course offers an in-depth study of fundamentals of automation and robotics. Topics of study include areas such as the physical structure of robots, drive systems, sensors, end effectors, and the programming of industrial robots. Prerequisite: College algebra and trigonometry; Corequisite: AM411 Advanced PLC

AM426 Automation for Manufacturing II | 4 credit hours

This course emphasizes the applications and techniques of automation and robotics in industry. Students will have the opportunity to apply their skills in a group project. Prerequisites: AM355 Pneumatics and Hydraulics, AM425 Automation for Manufacturing I

AM441 Manufacturing Operations Management | 4 credit hours

Management of material, financial, and human resources in industrial manufacturing operations. The course examines how resources are converted into goods and services, including the use of modeling and behavioral strategies. Contemporary methods of operations management, including statistical techniques, are examined. Prerequisite: EG381 Statistics or equivalent

AM445 Industrial Automation Capstone Project | 4 credit hours

Each student will be assigned to a team of students to complete an automation technology project approved by the instructor. The project content will represent several areas of study from courses in the program and include the use of appropriate project management tasks. Prerequisites: Completion of a minimum of 164 credits earned in the program of study including AM426 Automation for Manufacturing II or equivalent

EG360 Introductory Calculus | A 4 credit hour Mathematics course

This course is an introduction to differential and integral calculus. This course will include, but is not limited to, the following concepts: limits, derivatives, antiderivatives and antidifferentiation, and both indefinite and definite integrals. Prerequisite: GE192 College Mathematics II or equivalent

EG371 Research Methods | A 4 credit hour Social Science course

This course offers a step-by-step, systematic approach to conducting research. Emphasis is on using critical thinking, efficient research techniques and the ITT Tech Virtual Library to produce an in-depth white paper. Prerequisite: GE117 Composition I or equivalent

EG372 Written Analysis | A 4 credit hour Composition course

This upper level writing course focuses on writing analytical documents. Areas of study include principles and techniques of drafting and refining an analysis of a complex document or situation. Prerequisites: EG371 Research Methods or equivalent, GE217 Composition II or equivalent

EG381 Statistics | A 4 credit hour Mathematics course

This course is designed to offer students the skills necessary to interpret and critically evaluate statistics commonly used to describe, predict and evaluate data in an information-driven environment. The focus is on the conceptual understanding of how statistics can be used and how to evaluate statistical data. Prerequisite: GE127 College Mathematics I or equivalent

EG452 Economics and Change | A 4 credit hour Social Science course

This course examines the issues of the changing global economy in an information society. Topics include contemporary economic issues and the impact they have on our daily lives. Prerequisites: EG371 Research Methods or equivalent, An introductory level Social Science course

EG462 Contemporary World Culture | A 4 credit hour Humanities course

This interdisciplinary study of contemporary world culture focuses on the impact of globalization and electronic communication. This course explores how global economical, cultural, political and communication processes are influenced by the rapid technological changes within our contemporary world. Prerequisites: EG372 Written Analysis or equivalent, An introductory level Social Science course

EG468 Ethics | A 4 credit hour Humanities course

This course provides students the opportunity to explore competing ethical theories and through analysis and critical thinking to determine their own code of ethics. Prerequisite: EG372 Written Analysis or equivalent

EG481 Environmental Issues | A 4 credit hour Science course

This course offers an integrative approach to global, environmental issues. Topics of study include an analysis of environmental challenges confronting contemporary, global society against a political, geographical, cultural and economical backdrop. Students are instructed on how to apply a systematic problem solving approach in reviewing the issues, related policies and recommendations for confronting these challenges. Prerequisites: EG371 Research Methods or equivalent, An introductory level Social Science course

TM380 Advanced Topics in Technical Mathematics | 4 credit hours

A study of math topics relevant to advanced technical applications. A laboratory is included involving the use of a math graphing utility. Prerequisites: College algebra and trigonometry

TM420 Technical Calculus | 4 credit hours

A continuation of Introductory Calculus, this course includes the study of partial derivatives, double integrals, infinite series, introductory ordinary differential equations and Laplace transforms, plus technical applications. Prerequisite: EG360 Introductory Calculus or equivalent

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