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School of Drafting and Design

School of Drafting and Design

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Regular student activities available to students include: National Honor Society
Student Veterans Association
Information Technology Student Club
IT Boot Camps for Certification Prep - Rotating Subjects
Electronics Enrichment Workshops - Rotating Subjects
Annual Fall Festival
Annual All School Picnic

The school of Drafting and Design at ITT Tech combines classroom theory and practical application in a laboratory environment. The products we use and the structures in which we live and work start out as designs - from a video game to a house. Designs are typically represented in draft form to demonstrate how to construct the product. Drafting and design used to be separate tasks. Today, computer-assisted drafting and design software has made the two processes more interrelated. Programs in the School of Drafting and Design focus on using current tools of technology.

With a hands-on learning environment in most programs and convenient class schedules, the ITT Technical Institutes offer an education designed around today's workplace. A world of opportunity is waiting for those ready to take the next step forward in their education.

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